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Delcam's Power Solution for Packaging

Delcam plc is a world renowned provider of complete, integrated CAD/CAM solutions for complex shaped parts.

The Power Solution range is widely used in applications as diverse as automotive engineering, mould and toolmaking, product design, and packaging.

A hair dryer in it's packaging and consumer beauty products on shelfs

For packaging designers and manufacturers Power Solution offers these key benefits -

  • Rapid design of even the most demanding shapes, even those which traditional modelling systems find difficult or impossible.
  • Texture wrapping to add extra value to designs by incorporating complex features such as embossed logos, grip surfaces and other patterns.
  • Morphing to carry out complex 'what-if' modifications to existing designs.
  • Fully integrated 2D and 3D machining (up to 5 axis) with PowerMILL to create moulds, tools and models to exactly replicate the CAD model.
  • Reverse engineer with CopyCAD to convert existing physical models or parts into CAD data.
  • Artistic CAD/CAM with ArtCAM to create complex 3D relief models direct from 2D artwork or photographs.

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